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About Us

Over the past ten years, thousands of children have taken part in our hands-on Victorian Roadshow workshops. Now we also offer the exciting World War 2 Roadshow (Home Front Experience) and the Tudor Roadshow.


Our workshops are delivered by Ian Roberts, an experienced ex-deputy head teacher and co-author of resource books for teachers, (jointly written with Brian Moses and published by David Fulton and Granada Learning).


Role Play and drama activities enable children to handle numerous genuine artefacts.


Many of your history learning intentions covered in a single day and opportunities to extend experiences across the curriculum including English, drama, art, design technology and personal and social education.


The workshops come to your school so there are no pre-site visits or coach bookings for you to organise and you will not have to worry about wasted time in traffic jams or travel sickness!


Praise from OFSTED and hundreds of letters from satisfied children and staff.

History Roadshows